Ignorance, the biggest societal curse ( we should all be feminists)

There have been many times when I’ve almost been in tears, out of rage due to the ignorance of people with regard to matter I’m so passionate about, and I believe every decent individual should be too. Thus, you can imagine the joy and near relief I felt when I saw the book ” We Should all be Feminists” in my university library among the hot reads! The number of negative connotations behind the word FEMINIST is truly unspeakable. However, I soon began to realize, the societal norms, which by the way have been plastered in our minds, are again by the same people who don’t understand or believe in the need of social equality. yuck..

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. A name I believe everyone should know. I’ve never heard or met anyone who explains feminism so explicitly and eloquently. According to Ngozi, a feminist is a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of both sexes. Now, explain to me how a beautiful and humanly accurate way of life has been turned into a word most feminists are afraid to utter themselves. The lack of human compassion, and want for understanding shocks me. I’ve met women and men who say they would never be feminsits. According to society feminists are ignorant, manly (by the way if a woman decides to be more masculine that’s none of your business), man hating, out of control and have no self control, or men who are overly feminine or gay (major eyeroll). Let me make something clear, there is a huge difference between a feminazi and a feminist.

The negative connotations behind feminism are as backward and unintelligent as people who go around saying all Muslims are terrorists.

I’m honestly not going to say anymore, because if you couldn’t tell, this makes me a little bit angry, but ill end on this note… I am a feminist, a proud one at that. I am capable of doing anything I want, and I hope for a future without glass ceilings for both men and women in any aspect of their lives. I hope for a future with equality for both sexes, and ignorance about important social issues will be a thing of the past.


Centering yourself is like a game of chess. There are thousands of outside forces calling for our attention, crying for a second of our sweet attention. Every piece of you is required in order to achieve the goals we have set out, and yet sometimes all you want to do is dance… let loose by yourself in order to melt away all your worries. Yet this game of chess requires you to stay undisrupted, focused and ready to face your opponent that’s seeking to destroy you and the kingdom you’ve built. They will always be outside forces ready to distract and we should be ready to embrace them. Embrace the music that’s got you tapping your foot as you do your homework, embrace the friends ready to make you laugh when you are trying to focus, embrace your boyfriend giving you a kiss while you’re trying to focus on this post ( literally just happened). Our lives are like this chess board, set up with the black and white trying to fight and defeat each other… and yet that middle ground , that space in which they try cancel each other out and battle to the whims and mercy of the other is when we truly experience life. This is when we are truly alive and in the middle of the battleground of beautiful conglomerate masterpiece called life!


The only gift we are given is the gift of today, and the most accurate way to respond to it is with gratitude.


Human Coexistence

As Daniel Caesar is on full blast in my ear,( Japanese Denim to be precise , if you haven’t given it a listen, stop reading this and go give it a listen)… okay, done listening? Great..

It got me thinking about how every single individual we come across has a completely different story, that we’ll probably never know. A love story they are dying to share, a dream they are trying to pursue. Disappointment they are trying to get over. And yet, as I sit in Heathrow airport, surrounded by thousands of different people, from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, the human is able to coexist with their fellow counterparts. No matter their political, religious, societal views that often separate us, we were truly made to coexist. Im pretty certain I wasn’t the only one put off by Donald Trumps Sh**hole statement, (if you haven’t seen that, I suggest you look it up, or ask someone, how you take it is all up to you)..that’s causing even more division in society. Yes, our backgrounds are all different. And yes, we all don’t come from from the richest countries in the world, but as the human race, coexistence and appreciation for the next person truly isn’t that difficult. Just food for thought.


Does freedom of speech automatically equate to justification of ill speaking of other individuals now?

Unfinished drafts

In the past 4 months I’ve written over 5 drafts.. and yet I haven’t had the courage to publish any of them.

Honestly, I have lost and forgotten why I even started my blog. To tell my stories, good and bad, because I’m pretty sure atleast one person can relate to what I’m going through

Trust me, I come up with any excuse not to publish… I don’t have an image, I didn’t finish, I’m scared of what people will think.. blah blah blah, it’s all just a whole lot of nothing!!

I’m actually quite mad at myself right now because I really do have a lot of amazing pieces I wrote, but just didn’t finish.

But I’m back! And as I enter the next semester ( which I’m absolutely terrified of) I promise myself to take time to do what I love.

Life will always throw a few curve balls , sometimes big, sometimes small ( like how my headphone jack won’t work and I bet seriously anxious without my music.. really hating Apple right now…) but I digress.. yes, I will have a few frustrations, but there are so many beautiful things to appreciate in life. Like how I’m at home, and I see so many people I’ve missed and love, and get to eat all the food I missed..

No more unfinished drafts this year, new year, new me I dare to say?? No no, I won’t fall victim of this myth. I will just try live every day to the fullest

So yeah , peace, love, happiness and all that mushy stuff!! Stay tuned

Xx P

Is media stunting our personal growth?

Today, as I was sitting with a group of friends ,under a tree, listening to music and simply enjoying each other’s presence, i realized how so much can change within a short space of time. With school less than 3 days away, reality slowly starts to kick in, and fear of the unknown settles. My first year of college went by so fast, I’m truly still in awe of all the experiences I have encountered. The people I have met, the things I have seen, the change on my outlook on life itself. I have seen a complete turn in myself, from my self confidence, belief in myself and the ability to know who I am, what I stand for and understanding that peoples opinion of me , is simply that. Their opinion. Loving myself has started to become easier and easier as I have now realized that I AM in charge. The biggest problem with my generation is wanting to become their heroes. We strive to be like the people we see on TV, social media etc. Our generation is the most connected generation.

“It has become easier and easier to see the progress of our peers, however this has lead to us being distracted and not growing ourselves. “

We are all guilty of looking at other people’s Instagram pages and thinking they have it so easy, and are so influential, but what are you doing to be your own hero. Social media growth seems more important than personal growth. Growing in relationships, friendships, family and all the growth that truly matters. Growing our mind has become extremely rare, because we are trying to grow the number of people who like our pictures. And truly, we can’t blame the millennial for this, these devices were handed to us by past generations. We have become so accustomed to instant gratification that we forget we have to work for what we want. And by instant gratification I mean, watching a whole season of your favorite show when you please. We post a picture and expect instant likes, and that kick of Dopamine (the hormone in our bodies that gets released when we experience pleasure), gives instant pleasure. But this pleasure, like any pleasure is addictive. Social media has become a more occurring addiction than Cocaine.We have become addicted to the instant gratification we get and its diminishing us… so as this school year begins I urge you,and I urge myself too, to not strive to be like your hero, but to strive to be your hero. Become your own Bill Gates, Kendrick Lamar, Usain Bolt, or whatever you dream to be. Put down your phone, experience life, tell your significant other you love them, hug your friends, get those As, get in your best shape and start living like the people you admire.

“Don’t thrive to be like your hero, strive to be your hero”

A Brief Sanctuary

Hate and negativity have become a common form of expression in our daily lives. Trolling and bullying have become more and more common .However, there are rare moments in life where we feel love, positivity and acceptance abundantly spread around us.
In a room full of strangers, with unimaginable backgrounds, and differences we cannot fathom, you could feel the love radiating. Every individual unique, in looks, race, culture, nationality,sexual orientation and any other divider society puts upon us… and yet, there was unity. For that brief moment in time, we were all focused on one thing, the music and artistry that was about to come on stage. Jidenna, while unknown to so many people is one of the most amazing artists one could encounter. His ability to connect with the audience and make every individual feel as though they are experiencing their own show, is a quality many artists lack. Every second of the show was one that will probably be engraved on my mind forever.

The potential to be who you want to be is deep down within all of us. However, we all lack confidence in ourselves. Having confidence and believing in what you love is often confused with being cocky or self praising. But if you don’t uplift yourself, then who will? Being humble in your journey will attract more people to you. I was privileged to meet amazing artists at this show. Individuals I didn’t even know were so great in what they do as they carry an astoundingly calm and humble demeanor. I was in awe later on as I found out who Will Gittens and Manywellz were. My conversations with them were so laid back that it didn’t occur to me that these amazing souls may be the future of the music industry. This experience taught me that, sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and walk up to the handsome guitar player and introduce yourself. Encounters with individuals with a completely different background from you may be short, but will have an eternal imprint on your life.

I know this post may be all over the place, and my point may not be coming across the way I want it to. Irregardless, all I’m trying to say is; do what you love, meet new people, live every moment as though its your last. Someone will see your effort, and even if only one person appreciates you, continue doing what you love.

“No matter what you say, or where you go, or what you do, or how pray, somebody’s going to feel some kind of way about you” – Jidenna

Scarred Perception

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThe decision to start my blog was one i had been battling with for several years. Getting my voice out there and finally letting people read what was on my mind took much longer than anticipated. However, today, while lying on the beach, on vacation it finally hit me. I finally had the confidence i had been craving for nearly 20 years. It wasn't till it hit me that i could confidently walk among strangers in nothing but a bikini and feel amazing in my skin. So what's my story you ask? To be honest i have no story, just thoughts i hope can impact even one person.When i was 11 months old, my family experienced a tragic moment that impacted me greatly. I got third degree burns on both thighs as i was learning to walk. It really was no ones fault but my own! I was, and still am a curious soul. Thus, leading to me grabbing onto a water boiler cable, and basically pouring boiling water all over myself. And no, i don't know if i cried, although i assume i did (everyone asks me this).

"Our perception of ourselves is what deems our impact on the people around us."


So yeah, that happened, and so growing up, I always had kids and people asking what happened to me. I remember trying everything to get rid of my scars, every cream, oil, lotion you name it, i tried it. But these babies weren't budging. So i just stopped trying. Jeans and long pants were my best friends. Now let me point this out, I think i have great legs! I mean, being an athlete all my life gave me some well toned legs. But, i always hid them because i really wasn't ready to explain myself to every Tom, Dick and Harry.


Fast forward to a year ago, I began my college career and that's where it all changed. I met some amazing people, who didn't question me, as everyone at my school is so accepting. And so i started venturing out in shorts and expanded my closet. I haven't looked back from then. Our perception of ourselves is what deems our impact on the people around us. So I lost the scared perception I had of myself and I haven't looked back since